Fire doors

fire door inspections - do you comply?

Fire doors

Fire door inspections are a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005.
Every building owner, with the exception of domestic housing, is required to maintain the Active & Passive fire equipment installed in its premises to ensure that it is fit for purpose, ready to use and in full working order.
Fire Doors are an essential part of a buildings passive fire protection, whilst in normal use they act as any other door, in a fire situation they play a critical role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke and also help compartmentalization of the building, so occupants can escape to a place of safety.

Fire Door Inspections

Are your Doors Safe?

A recent survey by the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS), found that 61% of doors inspected had issues with intumescent or smoke seals either missing or being faulty. 34% of doors inspected had excessive gaps between the door and frames. Both of which could prove fatal in the event of a Fire.

The correct specification, supply, fitting and maintenance of fire doors are critical, the responsibility of each and every person in the process is accountable. It’s only when a fire breaks out that the consequences of poorly manufactured, fitted or maintained fire doors is known.

Are you prepared to take that chance?

The best way of proving compliance, is to provide the auditing authorities with a certificate of approval for each door, together with maintenance records detailing the results that every door has been inspected and maintained in accordance with the best practice guidelines, citing the doors unique fire certificate number, location and the use of door will also help compliance. Most fire door inspectors use a 23 point check list to record the condition of each door, an individual report is then generated for each door highlighting any issues identified, together with remedial actions required.

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